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One of the most noticeable research achievements are the developments of andropause improvement substance MR-10 and memory improvement substance BF-7. The recently developed MR-10 is a compound extract from dandelion and also has been approved as a “individually-recognized type” by the KFDA.


Since there were no successful research results finding a safe and natural substance to help andropause with no side-effects, the development of MR-10 was an innovative achievement in the health functional food industry. BF-7 was also recognized as an outstanding research result as the very first KFDA approved “individually-recognized type” substance to improve memory. The research results showed that BF-7 improved memory of all age groups from children to elderly adults. The development of BF-7 was not only recognized domestically but also internationally that it was selected as the top 100 national scientific research assignments among the last 3 years scientific research results in all areas. It was also selected as the new national growth engine. BF-7 has several patents domestically and internationally. Also, the prominent interdisciplinary scientific Nature journal introduced BF-7 in their main.


As described above, Natural Hormone Center (NHC) is now leading the bio and pharmaceutical industries in South Korea. Even at this moment our highly skilled researchers are working for the health of all people around the world and the future economy of South Korea.


In order to fulfill the needs of our consumers, we will persevere in our efforts with Famenity to develop the safest and most effective health functional food products in pursuit of a better future for the bio and pharmaceutical industries.