Famenity Genomics Systems

Genomic Analysis
Health (body mass index, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, caffeine metabolism, etc.)
Skin (skin elasticity, skin aging, pigmentation, hair loss and thickness, vitamin C level, etc. )
Cancer (lung cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, etc.)
Internal Disease (hypertension, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, etc.)
Nutrition Metabolism (vitamin level, calcium level, omega-3 level, etc.)
√ Test items for the customized disease prediction service through genomic analysis

Famenity Epigenomics Systems

Gene Expression Analysis
√ Individual health care design to analyze the pattern or degree of individual gene expression and to increase selectively good genes

Famenity Microbiome Systems

Intestinal Microbiome Analysis
– Gut microbiota diversity and composition
– Benefit bacteria, Harmful bacteria proportions
– Probiotics composition
√ Analyze individual feces to identify the diversity of bacterial the intestines, their distribution, benefit bacteria and the proportion of harmful bacteria and to manage intestinal health

Famenity provides a variety of risk analyses for genetic diseases through genomic testing and through fusion with artificial intelligence (AI), which enables customized diagnosis through three – dimensional analysis of hospital medical records, lifelog, genes, gene expression, and microbiome and provides customized solutions accordingly.


– Securing big genetic data related to diseases, drugs, and physical characteristics through collaboration with medical institutions
– Providing customized medical healthcare system by building bio and IT convergence platform for big data integrating genome and medical information
– Global leader in personalized medicine, offering customized treatments based on the genetic characteristics of patients through domestic and overseas networks