Research & Business Development of Prime Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics to improve Health and Beauty!

Customized Precision Healthcare through food and drug, Famenity

Famenity is a supervision Company that Hospital Medical-records Integration Industrialization Business Project from Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Through fusion with artificial intelligence (AI), which enables customized diagnosis through three – dimensional analysis of hospital medical records, lifelog, genes, gene expression, and microbiome and provides customized solutions accordingly. Famenity is opening the future of the high-tech IT, BT fusion industry.


Famenity develops and industrializes the best foods and cosmetics with natural ingredients so that all Koreans can be healthy. We will do our best to realize customized foods so that we can prolong healthy life, not just prolong life.

“R&BD of Prime Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceutical & Cosmetics


Health Functional Food


Health Orientation Food

Personal care goods


Famenity brings scientifically backed natural ingredients


Ministry of Food and Drug Safety


Ministry of Healthy and Welfare

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


Awarded as the KFDA President Award for support to the growth of the health functional food industry.

Health and Welfare
Awarded as the “Ministerial Prize for promoting technology of health business” in the Bio-Korea 2017.

National New Growth Engine
Selected as “National New Growth Engine”

Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Awarded as a Grand Prize for global development of health functional foods and cosmetics in preventing anti-aging and dementia with natural ingredients.

NongHyup(Korea Agricultural Cooperative Federation)
Awarded as a Grand Prize by a creative idea for growing the primary industry into a high value-added industry.


Over 50 domestic and international patents

• US FDA NDI(New Dietary Ingredient) Notification: BF-7®
• US FDA NDC(National Drug Code) Registrations: 8 Items
• Patents and Trademark Registrations

• KFDA “Individual Recognition Type” Certificates: BF-7®, MR-10®
• Patent and Trademark Registrations
• Patented technology commercialization

• FDA 8 OTC items
• 11 International Patents
• 2 KFDA individually recognition type items
• 29 Domestic Patents
• 70 domestic and international label
• Over 50 technology commercialized product