Clinically proven ingredient

  • Brain Health (BF-7®)

    Brain Health (BF-7®)

    Brain Health(BF-7™) is nutraceutical that enhances learning & memory and improves Brain Health

  • Men’s Health (MR-10®)

    Men’s Health (MR-10®)

    MR-10™ is nutraceutical that enhances endogenous testosterone generation.
    It invigorates men increasing men’s health and stamina.

  • Women’s Health (MS-10®)

    Women’s Health (MS-10®)

    MS-10™ is nutraceutical that enhances endogenous Estrogen generation.
    It invigorates Women increasing Women’s health and stamina.

  • US FDA New Dietary Ingredient Notification
  • NIH Textbook citation BF-7®
  • KFDA Certificate of Health Functional Food
  • 10 Clinical Studies & 12 Publications
  • Top National Superior Performance
  • Official Supporter of National Shooting Team

BF-7 Authentic Product Certification Mark


This letter is to inform… Famenity… Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on June 6, 2017. Additional information was received on August 8, 2017. Your notification concerns… new dietary ingredient that you call “Brain Factor-7…”… under the trade name, “BF-7.

Cognition Enhancing Activity

The mechanisms of Brain Factor-7 (BF-7)… are shown to be associated with the augmented production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, reduction of reactive oxidative species, and attenuation of apoptosis. Thus BF-7 should be an excellent cognition-enhancing drug.


Evandro Fei Fang & Tzi Bun Ng

Laboratory of Molecular Gerontology National Institute on Aging, NIH Baltimore, MD USA


Broader and More Intensified Brain Activation after Taking BF-7® (fMRI).
BF-7® strengthens the brain function and activity by enhancing neuronal networks.
So BF-7® can improve cognition, learning and memory.

(Improvement of Long-term Memory and Attention by BF-7® Detected Using P300)


The result of P300 brain wave showed that people who administered BF-7® use their brains more efficiently with less stress.

(The Role of BF-7® on Neuroprotection and Enhancement of Cognitive Function)

(Memory Quotient)

35% Improvement

Improvement of Short and Long-term Memory of Young Children by BF-7®(2010) Korean J. Soc. Food Sci. Ntr.

High School Students
(Memory Maintenance)

24% Improvement

Learning and Memory Improvement by BF-7®(2004) Korean J. Physiol. Pharmacol.

College Students
(Long-term Verbal Memory)

55% Improvement

Improvement of Long-term and Short-term memory and attention by BF-7 detected using P300(2009) Clinical Report from Famenity, Seoul National and Chung-ang University Medical School.

(Memory Quotient)

20% Improvement

BF-7® Makes Brain Better (2004) Korean J. Physiol. Pharmacol.

(Memory Cognitive Function )

22% Improvement

A Research on Improvement Effect of Functional Health Food BF-7® on Function of Memory and Cognition of Ordinary Persons (2006) Clinical Report from Famenity and Seoul National University Medical School.

Brain Protection

Preventing Ischemic Damage

Amine-modified single-walled carbon nanotubes protect neurons from injury  in a rat stroke model (2011) Nature Nanotechnology.

Brain image(spect)

Improving Brain Blood Flow

Improvement of learning and memory by BF-7 detected using fMRI and SPECT (2009) Clinical Report from Famenity, Seoul National and Chung-ang University Medical School.

Neuro Transmitter

30% Improvement

The improvement of Learning and Memory Ablity of Normal Persons by BF-7 (2004) Korean J. Physiol. Pharm.

Official Supporter of National Shooting Team
The Olympic Gold Medal Winner