– Selected as Integration of Hospital Medical records Industrialization Business Project from Ministry of Trade and Industry
– Selected as AI Drug Repositioning Industrialization Business Project from Ministry of Science and ICT
– Awarded from an Export Contributor
– MR-10 ® Notification US FDA NDIN
– MS-10 ® Notification US FDA NDIN

– BF-7® Memory Power Jelly type launched in Hong Kong
– Tami Sense® Notification US FDA VCRP (VCRP: Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program)
– Prized in Natural Ingredient New Medicine R&D Project
– Selected of Branch Office Projects in the USA
– YMCA Consumer Discussion

– BF-7® NDI Notification(US FDA, No. 1041)
– Commercialization of Tami Sense
– Awarded from Ministry of Health & Welfare
– Selected as an Innovative Business Company in Gyeonggi Province
– Selected as a Promising Export SME from Ministry of SMEs and Startups
– Selected as an Excellent Corporation R&D Center from Ministry of Science and ICT
– Sung Su Kim, Inclusion in 17~18 Marquis Who’s Who in the World

– Awarded from Korea Agricultural Cooperative Federation
– Awarded from Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
– Selected as Innovative company from Inno-Biz
– Awarded from Korea Food & Drug Administration

– Selected as innovative business from Pharmaceutical Industry Innovation Cluster Council
– Won in National Technology Industrialization Project

– Won Natural Ingredient R&D Project from Min. of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock.
– Natural Ingredient Industrialization Business Project from MFAFL

– Won in Min. of Knowledge Economy R&D Project
– Acknowledged as Top Functional Food Manufacturing Business Venture
– Acknowledged as Company Affiliated Research Institute
– Received “Individual Recognition Type” Certification from KFDA

– Won in Min. of Knowledge Economy National Industrialization Project

– Selected as Top Project in MKE National Brain Health Project
– BF-7 published in “Nature”

– BF-7 received US FDA OTC Certification
– Awarded from MAFF in Science and Technology
– Selected as Top National Project in Rural Development Administration’s “Brain Functional Food Project”

– Awarded from Ministry of Health & Welfare in Women’s Health Food Project
– Appointed as Official Supporter of National Shooting Team

– BF-7 Introduced and Acknowledged by KFDA
– Designated as a venture enterprise

– Established in 2006