Drug Delivery System
Drug Delivery : AIDDS®

Various ingredients found in food and medicine possess therapeutic properties for treating and preventing diseases. However, their effectiveness is often hindered by poor absorption and limited effect  on the body when consumed.

To address this issue, a Drug Delivery System (DDS) is employed to facilitate the delivery of these ingredients into the body.

However, due to the unique physical, chemical, and physiological characteristics of each active ingredient, the development of an optimization system becomes necessary to enhance their absorption. This optimization process is highly intricate and requires the implementation of an AI system.

Famenity develops and applies the AI-DDS to ensure the optimal absorption and utilization of individual active substances.

As an illustration, ongoing research focuses on enhancing the absorption and utilization rate of silymarin-based compounds, which are key components derived from milk thistle known for their beneficial effects on liver health.

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Employing AI-DDS technology to discover the most suitable solvents for maximizing Silymarin absorption.

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The solvent prepared through AI-DDS technology increases the bioavailability of the existing milk thistle products by 18.9 times.

The Famenity AI-DDS study achieved recognition for its exceptional quality and won the Best Paper Award presented by the FSBH Journal.