Skin Regeneration (Live-EGF®)

EGF, a skin regeneration factor, has been incorporated into skincare products of high quality with high hopes for its effectiveness.

Unfortunately, due to its molecular structure, EGF is inherently unstable when exposed to heat and over time, causing its functionality to diminish in most cosmetics.

Famenity Live-EGF Technology addresses this issue by offering exceptional thermal stability, allowing it to sustain skin regeneration even at temperatures as high as 87℃. Furthermore, it has been scientifically verified that the efficacy of Live-EGF® remains intact even with prolonged use in cosmetic formulations.


Excellent thermal stability of Live-EGF®

Famenity Live-EGF® maintains its excellent skin regeneration effect even during high-temperature treatment in the cosmetic manufacturing process.


Excellent period stability of Live-EGF®

Famenity Live-EGF® maintains excellent skin regeneration effect for a long period of time in cosmetic products.